Letter From Jack

Dear Friend,

When I founded my first pain relief company called “Blue Stuff”, I had no idea how popular it would become and how important it would be to people. I have been blessed to be able to have helped several million people with their pain. Every day, I receive testimonials describing the difference my products have made in the quality of life for so many.

Everyone asks me where I got my degree. I have always said, it is from running a dairy and the good Lord. Milking cows really taught me the value of hard work and the good Lord helped me come up with these products. I am a graduate of Elgin High School and did not attend college. I give all of the credit and praise to the Lord for helping me to develop the formulas for these products.

My passion in life has always been to help people relieve their pain and enhance their spiritual lives. In addition, we will set aside 50% of all profits from Jacks Homeopathic Answer for Christian Ministry and helping the poor. This will continue even after my death. With your help we can surely accomplish this worthy goal of helping people from all walks of life.

Thank you and God bless you & your family,



Although Jacks Answer is no longer available, you may continue to use Jacks original product. Get Blue Stuff here.