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The ingredients of Jack’s Answer™ have been around for thousands of years. People from all over the world have used hundreds of combinations of these wonderful components to bring into focus a wealth of knowledge about their healing properties in general. Enter Jack McClung.
Jack McClung, the founder of Jack’s Answer™, recently returned from an extended stay in Mexico where he tested his well thought out formula on over 3000 people. The results were amazing. After realizing an over 95% success rate, Jack knew he had found the ‘answer’ he had been in search of for relieving the pain people experience every day.

“There’s no reason people have to be in pain all the time. We just needed to find something they could apply easily, and as often as they needed to in order to live pain free; that was our goal all along.” Jack’s words ring true even more now that the testing has begun here in the United States. Every day more and more people experience the relief they have hoped for and it’s all because Jack had the dream and the desire to help hurting people.

Try Jack’s Answer™ it really works!